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 Our instructors and technicians would love to help develop your career in music. Whether you would like to use our space to get a bit of practice, join a class to learn more, or record in a professional environment, we are here to help!

 Who do we teach?

Everyone from the humble beginner to the practicing pro. Whether you’re just curious about DJing and production, or you have prior experience and would like to further your skill, SPE has classes for you! SPE studio offers multiple stages of DJing and Production.

DJ Lessons: Our courses teach mixing, scratching, and various technical skills that are needed to work as a DJ

Level 1 ( DJ Hobbyist ):

In the first level students learn how to operate various DJ equipment and software.  A level 1 DJ student would also learn about some DJ history and the various audio equipment that DJs will run into.  This will be an introductory course and upon completion students will have learned how to mix music, scratch and set up DJ equipment

Level 2 ( Professional DJ ):

Level 2 DJ students dive deeper into some of the concepts from level 1.  Level 2 has a heavy concentration on beat-matched mixing and other advanced mixing techniques.  A student will also learn intermediate scratches and how to prepare a proper DJ set. After level 2 a student will be able to perform at a gig on their own.  


The 3rd level of the course teaches more advanced mixing and scratching techniques.  It is also customized to focus on students’ individual goals and strengthen the skills that a student wants to work on.  Level 3 is a continuous training course. 

Electronic Music Production:  Our music production courses teach state of the art techniques for making music in a digital audio workstation or DAW.  We offer classes for production in Ableton Live and Logic

Level 1:

The first level of our music production course teaches all about the interface and functions of Ableton or Logic.  After completing level 1 a student will know how record write and arrange their own track.

Level 2: 

The second level of music production is custom tailored to work on creative problem solving within the realm of music production and inspiration.  Students will also learn proper track engineering and branding themselves as an artist.

 Set an appointment to lay down some clean vocals on our mics or bring your own gear and plug right in. Our live room is an open use space approximately 17’ square with 9’ ceilings and has a large JBL PA system for concert level playback. The control room is a comfortably furnished space with a high quality monitor and headphone playback system to perfectly tune your mix.

We offer open practice space during off-peak hours for both our students and those interested in recording with us but don’t have their track ready to go yet. Available times change week to week, just check in 1-7 days before you would like to reserve the space.

Instructors and Sound Engineers


Anthony (DJ Pharaoh)

Pharaoh lives for music. When he isn’t behind the decks at your favorite club you can find him in the studio working on his own productions. He has released multiple original singles & remixes, as well as performed alongside Grammy-Nominated artists. DJ Pharaoh's accomplishments are only matched by his own aspirations in the music game. Over the past year Pharaoh has had many notable performances. He has played Spring Awakening music festival, performed on 2 chainz tour and performed live on Chicago’s Windy city live television program to name a few. He also holds a weekly residency at Sound-bar with his team The Pack Drumline. If you need to get a crowd energized or want help making a dope track Pharaoh is your man.



Matias is a DJ Producer and vocalist from Downers Grove, IL.

Matias put out his first record with his band Fertility in 2002, entitled "The Unfolding". With Fertility, Matias shared the stage with then upcoming acts Fall Out Boy, The Plain White T's, Lucky Boys Confusion, and Local H.

Matias is a resident DJ at Chicago's Navy Pier, consistently DJing 10-15 times a week. He is currently a full time SoPrime DJ and Producer working at SoPrime Entertainment in a brand new facility helping others achieve their DJ and production goals. He loves coffee, chocolate, and long runs to stimulate his creative endeavors.


Justin (primetime)

Justin has been a musician his whole life. He started piano at young age and always loved music. Justin has been DJing since 2008, when he founded SoPrime entertainment with his partner Chris. He fell in love with DJing after hearing a performance and decided to give it a shot. In his ten years of experience Justin has become an outstanding DJ and an all around tech wizard when it comes to all things DJ related (and beyond). Justin also produces music under the Stage name “Halok” and his latest single VOLCANO can be found on all major streaming services.


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